BitGAPPS for Android

BitGAPPS for Android R20

Нет прав для скачивания
* BiTGApps Release R22
* BiTGApps Addon Release R10
* BiTGApps Patch Release R1
* Installation restrictions removed
* Pre-mounting restrictions removed
* Fixed SetupWizard force close
* Fixed Google Photos force close
* Added Google Dialer Framework support
* Updated Google Dialer APK
* Update Google Assistant APK
* Updated Google Photos APK
* Update partitions mounting
* Keep Migrate for Non Google Devices
* Added Migrate support to Android Pie
* Fixed roles corruption that cause bootloop
* Bootlog/Safetynet/Whitelist Patch added in separate packages
* Package further reduced after migrating patches
* Misc fixes
• Обновлена ссылка на скачивание
• Обновлены приложения во всех пакетах
• Исправлены баги и ошибки при установке
• Build Version Tag - R15.
• Package size further reduced.
• Fixed mounting for devices with dynamic partitions.
• Updated addon installation function.
• Remove swype support.
• Remove Markup support from regular builds.
• Remove SoundPicker support from regular builds.
• Add google pixel specific component.
• Updated CTS patch installation function.
• Updated SetupWizard installation function.
• Misc updates and fixes.

• Dirty flash or clean flash, your choice.
• Must read XDA post before install.
• Markup and SoundPicker are now part of addon package.
• Build Version Tag - R14.
• Update CTS function.
• Add proper support for ROM with GApps.
• Added Oreo and Nougat builds in ARM platform.
• Misc updates and fixes.
• Build Version Tag - R13.
• Update CTS patch.
• Add product partition for mounting.
• Update installation layout.
• Fixed mounting.
• Remove pre-installed GApps packages shipped with ROM.

• Dirty flash or clean flash, your choice.
• You can flash BiTGApps in a ROM having GApps already. Supported ROMs are Pixel Experience, Paranoid Android and Evolution X.
• Build Version Tag - R12.
• Update mount logic for A/B partition.
• Update installation layout.
• Fix available space bug caused by mount function.
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