AOSiP Derpfest


Нет прав для скачивания
- Merged September security patch
- Allow override of DUN settings
- Use common network restrict apps method
- Better QS detail clip animation
- VolumeDialogControllerImpl: Check for internal audio recording support
- SystemUI: Whitelist our recorder on CastController
- Recorder: UI changes and improvements
- Added edit action on notification
- Added storage permissions to Google Markup
- Added missing recorder permissions
- Updated translations
- Some more things maybe I can't remember more :p
- Fixed Google Markup FC when using it along with Longshot
- Granted more permissions for Google Apps
- Disabled wallpaper-based tint for scrim
- Added capability to allow tethering to use VPN upstreams
- Don't vibrate when in silent mode
- ConnectivityService: Kill some log spam
- ActivityManagerService: dont be so hectic on cpu battery stats
- core: Update default material popup animations
- core: ViewRootImpl: Stop the 'requestLayout() improperly called' logspam
- NavigationBarView: Always add shadow on home button on some cases
- core: Shorten wait time for shutdown time optimization
- Network Traffic: Update traffic arrow icon
- SystemUI: Tiny expanding improvement
- Less boring heads up option: always show alarm clock headsup
- Open app when clicking on icon in App Info
- Substratum: enable FORCE_AUTHORIZE_SUBSTRATUM_PACKAGES by default
- settings: move wifi mac randomization to wifi settings
• Added Bootleggers date styles back
• Imported Lockscreen clock fronts from Bootleggers
• Removed Fruity pebbles and introduced RGB accenter from POSP
• Q Clock "it's" follows RGB accenter now
• Added 24h support back for text clock
• Added LOS Recorder with system audio recording support
• Added Extended Google Sound Search tile (with support for Shazam and Soundhound)
• Added CPUInfo toggle tile
• Added Compass tile
• Slashified more tiles to match QS
• Added toggle for notification counters
• Update Ticker:
- Don't tick in do not disturb
- Fixed alignment in statusbar
• Added per-app VPN data restriction ability
• Improved performance of unclipped save layers
• Don't vibrate on touchscreen camera gesture
• Update Updater (from AOSiP):
- Implement auto update check interval preference
- Allow to suspend A/B updates
• Removed force notification (caused massive notification lag)
Без GAPPS, нужно устанавливать отдельно!

- Reworked Q Clock:
- based on AOSiP's Q clock
- Brought to center stage
- Accent based now
- Added support for 24h clock (English and German should be fine, others may need changes again)
- Animate change in time
- Make sure minutes text is in single line
- Don't show on Ambient ticker screen
- Don't show gradient background for small clock view on doze screen
- A shitload of CAF IMS fixes
- Translated all Derp features to German
- Added new add icon button from Q beta 5 for bluetooth preferences
- Added option to change Lockscreen Clock Widget Fonts
- Added option to change Lockscreen Date Fonts
- Added Lock Clock & Date Font Size options
- Added Pixel-like LS Clock Font and set as default
- Removed seekbar from media notification if playback state is null
- Added Accent Tinted and blurred filter option for media coverart
- Added toggle to show battery fully charged notification
- Added toggle for lockscreen weather
- Added Running services icon toggle (Allows to quickly open Running Services from QS panel)
- Added Option to auto hide status-bar clock for notch devices
- Fixed default statusbar logo for substratum
- Enabled Apps List in Battery Usage through FeatureFlag
- Some more things maybe I can't remember more :p
PocketLock: Removed animations
Reworked Battery Estimates options
Added 20 familiar brand color accents
Added Android Q lock icon on lock screen
sepolicy: Added Label to f2fs sysfs files
sepolicy: Added Google App build props
Addressed some theme_data_file denials (this fixes some font parts not changing without sysui restart)
Added bluetooth support to access mediametrics service
Op gestures: Added swipe start height setting
Added ROM side support for NLP combo feature
vendor: Cleaned up
Some fixes for SimSettings
Brought back POSP q styled searchbar (now also compatible with Flare)
PrivacyGuard: Added some missing permission icons
Settings: More changes from Android Q Beta 4 (some icons, strings and rearrangements)
BatteryUtils: Allowed to show anomalies of pre-O apps
• FP is not allowed anymore when prox is covered
• Added Status bar notification ticker
• Added lockscreen date styles
• Added Q beta pill date style
• Reworked layout of Q seekbar
• Fixed an edge case in KeyguardUpdateMonitor pocket callback
• Improved battery estimate layout in QS
• Fixed QS opacity after reboot
• Added support for max/min fling velocity sysproperties
• Fixed the behavior of QS with isDualTarget=true
• Allowed heads-up to draw beyond bounds
• Added Advanced location tile
• Removed broken 5 qqs column option
• Fixed data usage detail's text view on dark/black theme
• Themes: Convert sync icons to vector so they theme correctly
• Settings: appops: Drop GET_UNINSTALLED_PACKAGES from getApplicationInfo()
• Reworked DTBO image generation
• Fixed auto-brightness first screen update
• Updated translations
• Some more things maybe I can't remember more :p